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Time for the Book Battle!

[Images from each of the respected book's publishers]

1. To take the quiz for each of the books, click on the title.
  • Remember that the Book Battle questions will not be the same questions from the quizzes, but they will be very similar. These quizzes are meant to give you an example of what type of questions you should expect at the Battle and also to refresh your memory regarding the books!
  • After you select your answer, you have to press "next" to get to the next question.

2. After you take the quizzes for Frindle, Mr. Sunny is Funny, Swindle and The Chocolate Touch, you will be ready to battle at the Book Battle with your group.
  • Remember if you have any questions about a book or need extra help, to stop into the library at any time!

Book Quizzes:

[Images from each of the respected book's publishers]


Mr.Sunny Is Funny

The Chocolate Touch

Note: I have not yet finished reading Swindle, so this is the original quiz created by Anna!