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Elementary Battle of the Books Wiki

Note: If you are a professional and would like to implement this Book Battle into your curriculum, please leave a post with your email by clicking on the Discussion tab above and I will email over the Book Battle Questions. Or if you would like to make any changes and use this information in your own wiki so you can personalize it, you may. Just please give the necessary credit where it is due to set a positive example to your students about copyright.

Strand - This wiki focuses on reading promotion at the elementary level.

Audience - The audience is fourth grade students.

Need- This wiki was created to promote reading advocacy and is a tool for a successful collaboration between fourth grade teachers and the school library media specialist. The wiki will promote a Book Battle that will take place at the school library media center, which will consist of four books. The four books were chosen to represent all of the students' different reading levels as Mr. Sunny Is Funny is a lower book than The Chocolate Touch. The Book Battle will be promoted over a three month span in which the students are asked to read the four books during their independent classroom reading time. However, the tasks in the wiki will take place in the school library media center where they will correlate with elements of the lessons and use technology to teach information literacy skills as well as media skills.

Six weeks before the Book Battle, the students will work on the wiki promoting the books and completing the tasks. The students will have access to the wiki in the classroom and at home so they may finish tasks if they fall behind or browse through the wiki to help prepare them for the Book Battle as well as the print resources in the classroom and the study guide the students will make up during one of the library sessions. On the day of the Book Battle, groups will be formed that will have one student from each book group on the wiki. The students will work together to answer the questions because this Book Battle is not only promoting reading comprehension but teamwork as well. The Battle will work by the School Media Specialist rotating to each group and asking them a question. The students will have thirty seconds to answer a question and if they pass or say the wrong answer, the question is asked to the next group until there is a correct response. Each correct answer is worth one point and at the end of the battle, the group with the most points is promoted that year's winner. Each fourth grade class will have a winning group. All students will get participation certificates and the winners will get a different certificate in addition to their group picture posted on the bulletin board in the School Media Center.

Technology Elements - Students will communicate using Web 2.0 technology to learn the books for the Book Battle by visiting the wiki, which will be an interactive study guide filled with tasks
. Other technology and websites the students will be using are: Voice Threads, Wordle, Big Huge Lab's Trading Cards, MyStudiyo Quizzes and ALA Reading Posters.